Real-time monitoring BTL Campaigns

FOX TRACK: Innovative nationwide monitoring. For the real-time monitoring of campaigns, actions or national interest studies, we developed a system of monitoring and GPS tracking.


The system is based on:

• High speed internet connection;

• Android smart phones / tablets equipped with GPS for each team member of the territory;

• An innovative application called FoxTrack, specially developed and dedicated to monitoring;

• Special high-capacity servers for storing images with high level of security.


Ruby on rails platform

• Smartphone and server App;

• Monitoring and GPS location system, used for real time monitoring of campaigns, actions or studies of national scope;

• The application calculates and displays real-time coverage percentage within areas of interest.

• Final Monitoring Report contains an electronic archive with photographs of all locations, uniquely identified by GPS and localised with a deviation no bigger than 10 m.


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